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High Precision Filter

To achieve the high precision filtration quality, it adopting multi layer filter materials including borosilicate fibre, fiberglass, activated carbon fibre, unwoven fabric layer and stainless steel protecting net to provide the real oil free, non-impurity, high quality compressed air.

Technical Data Sheet

Suitable for In front of piston type compressor In front of screw compressor Connecting the outlet of the compressor Special for the high precision filtration
Material Multi layer fiberglass,etc Multi layer fiberglass,etc Multi layer fiberglass,etc Activated carbon
lmpurity remove 5MICRON 1MICRON 0.01MICRON 0.003MICRON
Oil contain 5PPM 0.5PPM 0.01PPM 0.003PPM
Max. Pressure 16kg/cm² 16kg/cm² 16kg/cm² 16kg/cm²
Max. Temp. 65℃ 65℃ 65℃ 65℃
Pressure Gap 0.2kg/cm² 17kg/cm² 0.275kg/cm² 0.275kg/cm²
Max. Gap 0.7kg/cm² 0.7kg/cm² 0.7kg/cm² 0.7kg/cm²
Function Deduct oil to 5ppm and impurity to 5 micro. Deduct oil to 0.5ppm and impurity  to 1 micro. Deduct oil to 0.01 ppm and impurity  to  0.01 micro. Deduct oil to 0003 ppm and impurity to 0.003 micro.  Odour treatment.

Specification Subject To Change Without Notice In Advance.